Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hey there newbie!

Dear Student Paramedic,

A sincere welcome to your new career as a paramedic. You are commencing on a journey that is like no other. You will know within weeks of starting 'on-road' if this job is really for you. You will know this because your expectations will either quickly be met or left wanting. This job is rarely what people expect it to be. Mostly it is better. You will hopefully be one of the ones who is pleasantly surprised at what you find. This job will challenge and test you like not many other jobs can.

I don't know you, and the reality is we will probably never meet, but allow a crusty ambo to dish out a few words of advice:

Come along with an open mind. Leave your distain at home and bring your sympathy, empathy and understanding.

You will get back what you put out. If you behave like a twat and give people attitude, you will get attitude back. It happens, every time.

Treat every patient with the respect they deserve.

After you have been in the job for 15 minutes, you don't actually know it all. We love seeing you build in confidence and grow in skill, but you make a fool of yourself if you act like you have nothing to learn from the start. Take the time to learn from those around you - learn how things are done. Then you can see how things might be done better. Once you have been at it for a while - please question everything. That is how change happens and that is good.

When you have been in the job for a few years, try and remember what it was like to start on road - find a student paramedic and help them in a way that you would have appreciated when you began. We all know its daunting when you first start. That fear you have will subside.

If you are wrong - admit it. If you make a mistake, 'fess up and learn from it.

If you find this job is not for you and you don't enjoy it - that is nobody's fault, don't take that out on the patients or your colleagues. Go and find something else to do. There is a job out there just right for you.

Have a laugh. This job is actually very funny a lot of the time. So strive to be the best you can and enjoy it as you do.

So good luck, I hope you do enjoy it and stay safe out there.



Anonymous said...

Nicely put mate. Some will listen, some always won't.

MiniMedic said...

Dear Sir (who may or may not actually be called Rob),

There are 7 months left until the end of my course. This is entirely the job for me, I love it, it is hysterical and I will always listen raptly to the crusty ambo... Thank you for your beautiful welcome.

A Student Paramedic (UK).

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this so much.. VU student paramed, haven't gone on my first placement yet. worried about everything you mentioned, excited about it all.

Anonymous said...

Bloody brilliant! As a third year paramedic student, loved the welcome and can't wait to join AV next year. Filling out applications soon and hear that in your interview, they grill you on all sorts of stuff - if you've travelled, had a full time job, live at home etc. Would LOVE for you to do a blog on how to survive the application process/panel interview.

Cheers mate.

Klark said...

Nice article, I'm not sure about the laugh part though/
But open mind part is brilliant!