Sunday, March 11, 2007

In the way..again.

We were in a supermarket yesterday. We were in aisle 3 to be precise, treating a patient who was now post-ictal - that basically means he'd had a seizure and was now in the recovery phase which can take quite some time and be quite distressing for the person. I have never personally experienced a seizure but I know from the many I have seen, they can be devastating to the person who does experience them. One minute they are waltzing along, ticking the frozen peas off the shopping list and ..bamm! The next thing the person may realise is that there are strangers standing over them, someone is trying to hold an oxygen mask over their face, they have possibly soiled themselves, they feel really irritable, nauseous or distressed and they are confused and frightened. A pretty ordinary way to wake up in anybody's book.

Yesterday while I was trying to assist this man through his post-ictal period, I'll admit it - I was in everybody's way. Traffic was backed up in aisle 3 all the way to the end of the refrigerated cabinet. Nobody could get through and they had to go ALL THE WAY ROUND to the next aisle to get what they needed to fill their trolley. So to all those people who tut-tutted, sighed and muttered cause you couldn't get past me and my crewmate and the selfish bloke lying on the ground with his head resting on pillow - A pillow! I am sorry we screwed up your shopping experience. I have since spoken to the man an he has promised never to have a seizure in the supermarket again. He will stay indoors from now and make sure he never gets in the way.

To the lady who asked me to pass her the frozen yoghurt, while I was being inconsiderate and taking a blood pressure - I hope you can forgive me - I'm sorry I tut-tutted, sighed and muttered at you. Really I am.