Monday, July 02, 2012

See Ya

I'm going to wrap this thing up finally. I've been followed around by that pesky black dog again lately and I'm now taking an extended break. Just need to focus on a few other things for a while. The email address will stay live, so I'll try to respond as quick as I can to that, but my blogging days are done for now. There are so many excellent and eloquent blogs out there that will give you a taste of the world we work in so get searching and you will find them. Thanks for all the emails and comments and support you have shared with me - it has been wonderful.
Take care,



Anonymous said...

Shattered. Thanks for sharing thus far.

Anonymous said...

Shattered to hear as well

Sorry to hear you're stopping, your blog taught me heaps and I hope to able to use what you taught me, when I finally become a GAP then ALS paramedic

Thanks for all the posts and know that I still find your old posts a great source of how to be a good paramedic, not just clinically but all around

I hope you return someday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob
I am in the application process to become a WA ambo - reading every related blog to get a feel for things.Thanks for sharing your experiences!
Kat, Perth


Wow what a great post. This is why I read this blog. This is very actionable and something a real business would do! I love it!

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